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Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines

Colorectal Cancer Screening must be performed by someone who specialises in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of Gastro-intestinal disorders. Dr Renaut has 25 years of experience in performing colonoscopy.

Asymptomatic / No family history

Annual FOBT starting aged 50

Family History

1° relative >55: annual FOBT

1° relative <55 or two 1° or one 1° and one 2° on same side: colonoscopy at 50 or ten years before youngest relative

More than the above: ref for specialist opinion/genetic testing

Previous colorectal cancer / polyps

2 - 5 yearly colonoscopy

Colitis - UC & Crohn's

>2 - 5 yearly colonoscopy

Polyposis syndromes (FAP etc)

Specialist opinion

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