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Dr Andrew Renaut MS(Lond) FRCS(Gen) FRACS FDSRCS

Specialist Colorectal and General Surgeon

  • Dr Andrew Renaut


Dr Andrew Renaut did his undergraduate training at St Thomas’ Hospital, University of London. His postgraduate training in colorectal and general surgery was undertaken in and around London, and included a fellowship at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. Andrew also has a Master of Surgery degree from the University of London.

Consultant Appointments

In 2000, Andrew joined the Oxford Clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he developed a laparoscopic colorectal service. During this time he gained extensive experience in advanced laparoscopic techniques in colorectal surgery which he now practices routinely. While in New Zealand, Andrew established the New Zealand Institute of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.

Andrew moved to Brisbane in 2005 to establish his current practice in colorectal and general surgery.


Andrew has a keen interest in research and has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals. He continues to pursue his research interests and is currently involved in several randomised controlled trials.

He undertook 2 Years of dedicated research during his training and examined specifically the immune infiltrate in cancers. This resulted in the publication of his thesis entitled: Immune Mechanisms in Cancer, and the award of a Masters of Surgery degree from the University of London.

Academic Appointments

Andrew is currently developing an online education system for medical students in China. In recognition of his work there, he has been appointed visiting Professor of Surgery at the Shandong and Jiangnan University Medical Schools. Andrew is also an Associate Professor of Surgery at Bond and Griffith Universities, Queensland.

Hobbies and Interests

Andrew’s interests and hobbies include ocean racing, small boat sailing (fast catamarans), flying (private pilot’s license), scuba diving, personal fitness, tennis, squash, skiing, mountain biking, classic Porsches, cooking, English poetry and fine wines.

Online Education

Andrew is passionate about education and has developed two internet-based platforms for informing and educating medical students and health professionals, the Australian Institute of Medical Education, and Videosurgery.

Media Entrepreneur

Andrew is the founder of a specialist web design and development company - Online Medical. Online medical was founded in 2009, and provides Custom Website Design and Development for Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, Dentists and allied Health Professionals.

Media Releases, Articles & News about Andrew Renaut

Allied Specialists

Andrew has close associations with specialists in allied disciplines. For example, he sees many patients with severe endometriosis in conjunction with gynaecologists. Where appropriate, he works closely with oncologists and radiotherapists when patients present with a diagnosis of cancer.