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Parastomal Hernia Repair

Pre-operative Preparation for a Parastomal Hernia Repair procedure

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A parastomal hernia is repaired under general anaesthesia. Typically a 10mm incision is made just below the umbilicus (belly button) and two further 5mm incisions are made on the right side. The herniation of abdominal contents through the defect next to the stoma is reduced. Special mesh, which is designed to prevent adhesions of the bowel onto the mesh, is then placed around the stoma and at the same time obliterating the defect and therefore preventing further herniation. The mesh is secured in place with multiple absorbable tacks. The wounds are closed with sutures that do not require to be taken out. Finally long acting local anaesthetic is injected into the wounds and the latter are covered with dressings.

Laparoscopic Parastomal Hernia Repair

Post-operative Care following a Parastomal Hernia Repair procedure

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