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Wellbeing and Prevention


Andrew is passionate about wellbeing and prevention, and he has put together a very comprehensive online forum called Nysteia that tells people how to live a happy, healthy, longer life through adopting some significant, yet easy to achieve, changes to things such as food.

From a personal perspective, Andrew practices what he preaches and follows the Nysteia Formula every day. As a result, he considers that he has BOF (biological optimum function) and is at his BOW (biological optimum weight), two concepts that he has introduced in his book. This equates to being in peak physical and mental condition, never seeing a doctor and taking no medications. He runs 5 kilometres every morning, survives on 6 hours of sleep and has never taken a sick day in 40 years.

The User’s Manual For Your Body

Andrew’s book – The User’s Manual For Your Body was published in early 2019. He wrote this as part of his philosophy regarding wellbeing and living a happy, healthy, longer life; but largely in response to the shocking statistic that 65% of people are either overweight or suffering from obesity. The fact that this figure is increasing means that what we are currently doing is simply not working. And this has led him to the conclusion that people simply don’t know how their body works.

The book explains in a simple yet scientific way how the body functions, in particular in relation to the food we eat and what happens when we do things differently to how the body has evolved.

This companion guide to is available in PaperBack and eBook.

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