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The news articles featured here cover a broad range of topics, including news about the practice, news relating to advances in relevant surgical techniques or medical studies and commentary.

Colorectal cancer and COVID-19

Nurse scrubbing up

Simply having colorectal cancer at this point is not believed to make someone more prone to being infected by SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) or more prone to serious complications.


A quick roundup of recent developments in colorectal cancer research

fruit & vegetables

Medical science has understood for around two decades that eating fruit and vegetables has a protective effect when it comes to colorectal cancer, but has not clearly understood the mechanism.


Possible future approaches to diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Future approaches to colorectal cancer diagnosis

Three new approaches to colorectal cancer diagnosis.


Focus on bowel cancer

focus on bowel cancer

Are gut bacteria linked to bowel cancer? Are current cancer statistics misleading? Bowel cancer screening to get easier.


Recent research roundup

red meat

The following is a summary of some recent research relevant to conditions affecting the bowel, including colorectal cancer.


Latest research on colorectal cancer and gut health

glass of red wine

This month we have an overview of recent research in the field of colorectal cancer and gut health.


Diverticular disease – should treatment guidelines be changed?

abdominal pain

Most people who actually have diverticulosis remain blissfully unaware of the fact unless a colonoscopy or CT scan reveals their presence, or if symptoms of diverticular disease occur.


Difficulties with bowel conditions – non-medical ones


There are two big issues when it comes to getting to the bottom of bowel conditions (pardon the pun).


Recent research into risk factors for colorectal cancer

Four recent research papers released this year have shed new light on colorectal cancer and how it may develop.


How does obesity affect surgery and recovery from surgery?

How obesity affects surgery

A study in 2007 concluded that obese patients run a much greater risk of potentially life-threatening complications after undergoing surgery.


Research offers hope of future treatments for sufferers of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Research offers hope of future treatments for sufferers of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

In Australia it is estimated that Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), that is either Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis, affects over 80,000 people. This is one of the highest rates in the world and is only predicted to grow.


The pros and cons of laparoscopic surgery vs. open surgery for hernia repair

Surgical team performing open hernia repair surgery

Laparoscopic techniques have been in use since the early 1900s, initially used only on animals, with the first laparoscopic procedure on a human conducted in 1910. Laparascopic techniques for a range of different types of surgery have been commonplace since the 1990s.

Today most operations to repair herniae are conducted using laparoscopic surgery, and the main reasons for this are...


Mediasite - World of Webcast Article

I was featured in Mediasite - World of Webcast Article. Here's a link to the original article

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The Australian Newspaper Article

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I was featured in The Australian Newspaper. Here's a link to the original article

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Infocus Magazine Article

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I was featured in Infocus Magazine. Here's a PDF of the magazine article.


New Brisbane Surgeon Website Launched

I am pleased to launch the new website for my practice. This new site offers a range of patient resources, from patient information on post-operative care to videos that give more detail about the various procedures and treatments we provide. Our practice locations, billing and health fund information are also available. Booking an appointment can now be done online or by phoning our office. We hope you find the information provided easy to understand and it answers any questions you may have in regard to your health condition. We look forward to serving you better.