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Vacuum Dressing of Pilonidal wound

Pre-operative Preparation for a Vacuum Dressing of Pilonidal wound procedure

No special pre-operative preparation is required for this procedure other than the usual restrictions that are required for general anaesthesia. From midnight through to 2 hours prior to the procedure you can drink water only and from then on, until after the procedure you must be nil by mouth. You should take your normal medications as usual with a sip of water unless specifically directed otherwise. All anti-coagulant therapy should have been ceased in accordance with instructions issued by Dr Renaut’s office.


The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The area of chronic infection associated with the sinuses and sub cutaneous tracks is excised. The wound is then dressed with a vacuum dressing and this is best described in the video posted on this page.

Pilonidal Sinus - excision and healing using a vacuum dressing

Post-operative Care following a Vacuum Dressing of Pilonidal wound procedure

Dr Renaut will make recommendations with regards to follow up before you are discharged. Most patients will be discharged the same day. It is inevitable that you will experience some discomfort and you will be sent home with some pain killers, either Endone or Panadeine Forte. Initially these should be taken regularly as directed and then only as required. At approximately 48-72 hours you should be able to convert to something simpler such as Nurofen or Panadol. Antibiotics are not required unless specifically indicated by Dr Renaut.

Follow up

Dr Renaut will see you for a post-operative review at approximately 4 weeks.

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